Public Safety

Prioritizing public safety in our Town, by collaborating closely with our police, fire, and ambulance providers to assure residents that they are well-equipped, staffed, trained and ready to serve at all times. Our Police Department offers a remarkable array of concierge services unlike any other municipality in the country with alarm monitoring service, vacation watch program, wellness checks and vigilant investigative work. My goal is to work with them to maintain and enhance their services to our residents.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is also a fundamental priority of mine in serving our Town.  Our residents must be provided with a detailed budgeting process, long-term forecasting, and conservative spending policies to ensure our finances are controlled and secure.

Quality of Life

Protecting quality of life is another extremely high priority.  Our residents expect a well-maintained infrastructure, roads, water & sewer, code enforcement, and overall customer service from our building, public works, and IT departments to our popular postal services facility.  This must always be maintained as a top priority for all levels of government in Paradise Valley.

Responsible Growth

As a council member and longtime resident, I am committed to responsible growth in our community that is a part of the quality of life and town character that we enjoy. As Mayor of Paradise Valley, I will remain diligent in maintaining the standards and vision of our voter-approved general plan. I support responsible growth.


People travel from all over the world to visit Arizona; many choose to stay in one of the magnificent resorts in Paradise Valley. They come for the weather, hospitality, and charm. They choose this location because it is both beautiful and relaxing. We have the amazing ability to call this place home.

Our valued tourism partners, the wonderful resorts in Paradise Valley are critical stakeholders in the economic future for our Town.

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